Stars trauern um Nelson Mandela

(06.12.2013) Spitzenpolitiker aus der ganzen Welt nehmen Abschied von Nelson Mandela. Der 95-jährige ehemalige Präsident von Südafrika und Friedensnobelpreisträger ist gestern Abend im Kreis seiner Familie verstorben.

Auch dutzende Stars, wie Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, Bono von U2, Jennifer Lopez oder Kerry Washington haben ihre Anteilnahme getweetet. Aufregung herrscht um einen vermeintlichen Tweet von Paris Hilton! Sie soll gepostet haben:

"RIP Nelson Mandela. Deine 'I Have A Dream' Rede war unglaublich inspirierend.“

Blöd nur, dass diese Rede von Martin Luther King stammt!! Bevor allerdings im Netz der Aufstand geprobt wird, reagiert die berühmte Blondine: Bei dem Tweet handle es sich um einen Fake, er stamme nicht von ihr. Paris tweetet fuchsteufels wild:"Whoever made that stupid fake tweet lacks respect to the loss the world is mourning right now. Same goes for all the blogs who ran with it."

Wenig später folgt ihre Anteilnahme, dutzende andere Stars folgen:

Paris Hilton: "Just landed & heard the sad new about Nelson Mandela. He was a true Hero & the world is a better place because of him. May he rest in peace."

Rihanna: "#NelsonMandela you made your people proud!! We'll always love you for it!"

Jennifer Lopez: "It always seems impossible until it's done." Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela. You will be missed."

Channing Tatum: “To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger: "President Mandela’s life is the closest thing we have to proof of God." FOTO

Lindsey Lohan: "A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. #RIPNelsonMandela "

Morgan Freeman: “Today the world lost one of the true giants of the past century. Nelson Mandela was a man of incomparable honor, unconquerable strength, and unyielding resolve—a saint to many, a hero to all who treasure liberty, freedom and the dignity of humankind. As we remember his triumphs, let us, in his memory, not just reflect on how far we’ve come, but on how far we have to go. Madiba may no longer be with us, but his journey continues on with me and with all of us."

Spicegirls: "Foto - SPICE GIRLS with the late NELSON MANDELA. A wonderful man X @MelanieCmusic @victoriabeckham @GeriHalliwell"

Jamie Fox: "Rest in Peace Mr. Nelson Mandela. A fearless leader, incredible human being, inspiration, a REAL hero. Truly one of a kind. God bless you."

Kerry Washington: "RIP Nelson Mandela. God Bless You."

Sarah Michelle Gellar: "#RIP Nelson Mandela. The best example of a human being I can think of. The world is a better place because of you. Thank you"

Mike Tyson: "Nelson Mandela was the embodiment of discipline, courage, love and forgiveness. "There is no future without forgiveness"-@NelsonMandela"

Enrique Inglesias: "The world has lost someone truly inspiring. Rest in peace Nelson Mandela"

Bono - U2: “It was as if he was born to teach the age a lesson in humility, in humour and above all else in patience. In the end, Nelson Mandela showed us how to love rather than hate, not because he had never surrendered to rage or violence, but because he learnt that love would do a better job. Mandela played with the highest stakes. He put his family, his country, his time, his life on the line, and he won most of these contests. Stubborn til the end for all the right reasons, it felt like he very nearly outstared his maker. Today, finally, he blinked. And some of us cry, knowing our eyes were opened to so much because of him.”

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