Diese Eltern erziehen "geschlechterlos"


Könntest du dir vorstellen dein Kind geschlechterlos zu erziehen? Kyl und Brent Myer aus Großbritannien machen das! Sie nennen niemanden das Geschlecht ihres Kindes und erziehen „Zoomer“ – so der Name des 2-jährigen Sprosses – auch geschlechterlos, wie sie auf Instagram mitteilen.

Hintergrund: Das Geschlecht sei zwar biologisch festgelegt, verrate aber nichts über den Charakter des Kindes. Zoomer soll durch diese Art der Erziehung in keine vorgefertigte Geschlechterrolle gesteckt werden. Das Ziel sei, dass das Kind so die Freiheit hat, die eigene Identität zu erforschen und zu schaffen.

Hi! We’ve made quite a few new friends since Alex Morris’ #THEYBY article came out in @NYmag and @TheCut this week. We want to introduce ourselves to you and welcome you into our world! I’m Kyl, Zoomer’s mom, Brent is Zoomer’s dad, and Zoomer is our incredible little toddler. Brent and I practice gender creative parenting. We didn’t assign a gender to Zoomer, we don’t disclose their sex to people who don’t need to know, and we use gender-neutral pronouns for Zoomer (they/them/their). We actively work to provide Zoomer with an environment that celebrates their individuality. We expose them to all kinds of toys, clothes, colors and activities and we encourage their interests and self-expression. Parenting this way has certainly reduced Zoomer’s experiences with gendered micro-aggressions and stereotypes. Additionally, we actively strive to teach Zoomer about diversity, inclusion, equality, autonomy, and social justice. We are able to do this with an amazing network of supportive and loving family members, friends, and caretakers. We are very proud and confident about our decision to raise Zoomer this way and we felt a responsibility to be a resource for people who are interested in learning more about gender creative parenting. As you’ll see, there is virtually NO negativity on our account. We are proud of the community we have cultivated here and we intentionally created a space that is accessible, respectful, kind and fun. We’re happy you’re here. Check out our website RaisingZoomer.com and my TEDx talk (google “Kyl Myers TED talk”). We hope you find what you’re looking for. Feel free to DM us with your questions. And if you feel so inclined, we’d love to know more about you! ⭐️ What’s your name, where are you from, and what brought you here? ⭐️ 💕 - The Courtney-Myers Family

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